Monday, March 17, 2014


I started working on this amazing shawl pattern called Pop Spots. It is made from a special line of yarn from Ancient Arts Yarns that helps stray and abandoned cats by donating proceeds to the Meow Foundation. I came about these specific colours and pattern choice in a very wonderful way, through three of my closest friends! All three of these wonderful friends know how much I love siamese cats - I grew up with these felines. Firstly, Tamara came back from her vacation and gifted me with a skein of a colour called, "Cat's Eye Cobalt" - the exact colour of siamese eyes. Several months later, I was visiting Cal Patch who had just returned from Colorado and had a surprise for me from wonder-shop, Fancy Tigre Crafts… a skien called, "Siamese Cat" - the browns that make the beautiful patterns on these kitties. I was waiting for the right project to utilize these two yarns together in an "Homage du Siamese"… along comes Jenne! She pointed out how amazing this pattern is. The spots that pop out certainly resemble eyes! I also love the very 70s colour combination overall. There's a story and many hands behind most projects and this is one of them….

A soft blue grey and pink sweater for a dear friend's little girl.  I started knitting this 2 years ago and stopped just as I was about to finish it, for no good reason.  The occasion of a new baby and my year long resolve to finish what I start (or have started) brought me back to this project, knit in leftover yarns in the Small Things Sweater pattern by Carina Spencer.  

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