Monday, September 29, 2014


I have completed two circular weavings during our experiments. It's not nearly as many as I would have liked to. The good thing is that I have come up with a good routine to fit this exercise into my daily studio time. So, maybe this exercise ended up not being about weaving within a circle, but establishing dedicated time for a desired project. We're going to be moving on to new project experimentations soon, but I'm going to keep up with my "small weaving" routine.  I really like how I finished the larger piece. I used yarns to wrap around the interior wood of the circle to create a nice frame and hide some warping threads that were bugging me. It was fun adding warp as I went to create shapes and weaving within weaving. Branching off into other segments. I also used all hand-spun. 

I put a particularly gnarly pair of yarns on my loom as warp this week.  Knowing that one yarn was way springier than the other (3ply wool vs 2ply mohair and silk) but color wise and just need to go together wise are PERFECT for one another so I went for it.  What is not pictured is the crazy differential tension set up I made by putting a long shed stick from my bigger loom across the backbeam and under the springier yarn to take up some of that sproing so that it can become more reasonably even to weave.  It works, its not totally convenient and I continue to work in my jerry rigged, make it work sort of way. Its challenging but if it all works out like I have it in my head, its going to be crazy great.

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