Tuesday, October 28, 2014


Halloween said hello and consumed my studio time this last week and as much as I felt like I was cruising along with the weaving I had to take a break to make this come to life.  Cotton Flannel, Silver Lame, Sparkely Yarn, this was 100% my daughters input at the fabric store and I either was not paying attention or was super tired and came home with these materials.  Next day reviewing the project and, whoa.  Yet somehow, flannel is a perfect backing and support to silver lame.  Not hard to sew at all.  Wings, a hat with a mane and a braided tail, no jumpsuit as in the pattern but please a pink dress and tail the same as my favorite denim dress.  Yes, of course, Happy Halloween my little pink pegasus.  

I have been studying tapestry weaving with Ixchel Suarez for about four months. In mid-September I started a larger piece, moving on from my samplers. It's been wonderful because I'm able to incorporate all the textural techniques into it that I love! This picture is to show one of the techniques that I love the most - knotting! It's great because you can go back to the area and cut/trim it to suit the piece. This part is much longer than it will be in the finished piece. I'm done this area and moving back to a flat weave to fill in around it. It's labour intensive as an art form and I'm enjoying taking pictures of the piece at the beginning and ending of each session. I would say it's about 2.5' x 4.5' ish, so it's quite large. I'm missing working on it this week, but I'm teaching a doll making class which is also very fun…. one can't do it all!

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