Monday, April 21, 2014


Getting back to my handmade wardrobe.  I have several muslins going right now, testing different dress patterns to find a uniform in which to make a million iterations for every occasion.  None of them have been satisfying enough in fit to make "the one" so two weeks ago I started Cal Patch's Patternmaking Class on Creativebug to make a pattern to just fit me already.  I am halfway through that process (and it is MAGIC.  I have a bodice that actually FITS!)   I took a break from patternmaking this weekend to break out a new pattern to try and wow.  This is the Endless Summer Tunic, the first pattern from A Verb for Keeping Warm. I made one first too big then took a chance and made the smallest size and it fits perfect. Fabric is insane, something that has been in my stash forever, asymmetrical batik/shibori/bleach don't even know (lots going on) and silver dots printed over it.   So now I have a dress to wear while I finish my tunic from Cal's class.  So much closer to that handmade wardrobe.  

These are some doll/puppets that I'm working on - a Rabbit, a Goat and a Cat. I finished building the heads over the weekend and so now I have to paint them. I have to make a woven body for the Goat too. I'm totally into making these and am not quite sure how I'm going to display them. I kind of want to make shadow boxes for them and crochet and weave other stuff to jam in the boxes with them - not sure yet, we'll see. 


hodge podge said...

oh YOU GUYS! i love you both so much!

jenne: that FABRIC!!! i need to make my EST soon too. i tried on one of the samples when i was there and loved it. yours is looking spectacular even if only at the beginning stages here! and of course i can't wait to see what comes of your new pattern. my tunic/shift dress has become my uniform... i'm finding it so endlessly useful and versatile! i wear my basic denim one year-round...

alisa: those puppets are just beyond! what are the heads made of? i love those woven bodies! i think you're really onto something here... i think traicee needs to build you a stage or you could cut one out of a closet door; i've always wanted to do that. and i'm looking forward to the ukulele-scored performnces!

Fibreperson said...

Cal! Thank you for the comments! The heads are paper and cardboard and balloons and stuff like that. The woven bodies are so much fun to make and I love it! And, Jenne! YES! That fabric is fabulous!