Monday, May 12, 2014


I feel so happy and on track. Lately, I've been really drawn to weaving, especially tapestry weaving. I know the basics and I've tried looking in books and just winging it, which is fun and great, but I was feeling a little lost too… So, I did a little research and found a wonderful tapestry artist who has changed my weaving life! Ixchel Suarez is truly a life student and master tapestry weaver and I have started studying with her guidance at the Oakville Tapestry Studio. I started this week and she is having me work on a tapestry "journal". A guided weaving that teaches many different techniques. I learned some basics while I was there and now I have some homework to do - incorporate the techniques I learned into another block in my "journal". I'm in heaven...

Sewing steadily along.  Cutting out a dress that I drafted in Cal's Pattern Drafting Class and its going to have a pointy collar and black pockets and this crazy dotted animal not animal print.  What I am loving about this whole process is that there is no fail.  If it doesn't work exactly move the darts, move the line, redraw resew and try again.  I actually have two different dress fronts with different dart placements - I couldn't decide which I liked more but I am sure with different fabrics/patterns its good to have options.  Going through the process of really analyzing my body and putting that on paper has me thinking of all the different possibilities of clothing to make.   Its also reminding me that I did take 2 years of patternmaking classes, and that whole time I used a size 8 dress form to make slopers and muslins and patterns and never did I consider taking the tape measure to myself to make myself clothes.  Which is why I think I stopped.  We went to our storage space last week and I unearthed my slopers and textbook from when I was in that class, digging through those for ideas and calculations to make.

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