Monday, June 23, 2014


The last week has been a bit of an ebb in the actual working on projects.   Weaving was still on the mind as over the weekend I amassed this stack of gems from the library.  I discovered a ridiculous number of weaving books in the San Jose Public Library collection - so many that I now need to go visit the stacks downtown to browse and take a look at them in person. I requested a few and when I picked up the books at our local branch I noticed they all said San Jose State Library on them.  I just wonder how long they are going to keep all these amazing books in their collection, since the textile program at SJSU was sadly discontinued a couple years ago.  Also - omg.  These books are crazy inspiration.  I find it so weird and sad that so many art programs are dropping textiles out of their schools - which is even more impetus to learn and find and document and make as much textile work as possible.  Keep it alive and moving into the future.

This is my Pop Spots Siamese Cat Shawl… It's coming along nicely. I'm almost done with the main part of the shawl. It's at this weird point where it seems like I'm knitting and knitting and it's not getting any bigger - nothing a good blocking won't sort out! I wanted the whole thing to be made out of the two special skeins of yarn, but decided that the lace boarder should be different. I purchased a beautiful skein of yarn by nbk called "Macha". I'm thinking of doing a crocheted boarder instead of the knit one that is in the pattern, just because I like to mix things up...

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Anonymous said...

Hello I have just come across your blog through Pinterest and the round weaving loom. Thank you for sharing all your lovely WIPs. I shall be back to see how you both do. :-)