Thursday, January 7, 2016


Remember the vest from Progress Report 29?  Sewing in the ends at last.  It has been a year of flux and change and finally after landing in the Pacific Northwest and figuring out our daily routines and day to day stuff I feel like I can dive back in and really get work done.  The first half of 2016 is about applying KonMari (SPARK JOY!) to my creative life, either finishing things, following ideas or just axing them and moving one.  Two socks frogged, a couple pattern drafts trashed and now finishing details on a couple knitting projects including this vest.  I started it at I think a 3 year old size and yeah, that is a couple years too small for my kid now.  Thankfully knit stretches and I can add whatever length to this to make it a dress so it will be worn this weekend!  Clearing the decks to make room for designing and playing with natural dyeing and patternmaking and weaving and sashiko and getting back to working on a mix of it all.  Happy new year!

Weaving and surface-y stuff. I've been working with these small wooden shapes to use as frames and bases. They are all in the 4" x 6" range and I drilled in holes to use to warp into. The holes are off and the warp is off, but I like it. I'm thinking of playing with skewing it even more. The structure doesn't matter as much because it's supported by the frame and, also, because they are small. I love wonky and awkward things and I'm feeling more attached to these then I have with anything in a while. Which is great! I have more to do!

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