Monday, April 7, 2014


Hand sewing buttonholes.  This dress is entirely sewn by hand and this weekend I almost broke out the sewing machine to make the buttonholes as its been finished save for that last step for over a week now.  I started this dress over a year ago, what felt like over many lifetimes ago in our tiny apartment in the city with a view of streetcars and buildings.  Today I am sitting on our couch looking out at tall  trees and listening to the birds with the window open, stitching.   Its spring again.

Oops! So, I have this wonderful sort of tapestry loom. I say sort of because it's made very much like an artists easel and you place a branch or dowel in a groove on the top and bottom and then tension your warp using the branches or dowel or whatever you decided as the "frame" for the weaving. It's made by my favourite tool makers, the Willette's. Anyway, I started this weaving, which I really didn't like too much but was continuing to work on anyway. I folded up the loom to bring it to a class I was teaching to show the students and as I was putting it in my car and boink - the whole thing popped off the frame and now I'm left with sort of a mess. I don't know if I should reattach and continue or, take it as a sign that since I didn't like it in the first place, start over...


Alisa Cutcher said...

I love the chaotic tranquility of it and that it sports my name......matches my personality to a T! Lovely stuff

Alisa Cutcher said...

Silly me.......that's your name too! Oops! Still lovely stuff from both of you. ; )